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Tree Topping

Tree topping ensures a healthy canopy

Unlike other tree topping services, we don't recommend ever getting rid of the entire canopy. Instead, we select branches to remove that will help the tree grow healthier and remove interior foliage to allow more light to enter the surrounding yard.

Why Work with Gabby’s Tree Service?

We don’t charge for clean up . Debris disposal is included in every service.
Over 20 years of experience serving the Houston area – we’ve seen and done it all.
Professional equipment that makes quick work of the tree topping job safely.

Tree Topping Hazards

Completely removing a tree's canopy is not recommended, though it is sometimes unavoidable if the tree is bending, growing misaligned, or obstructing powerlines. We can ensure your tree is topped with the best of care and with the healthiest outcome.

  • Removing too much of the tree can cause irreparable damage
  • Cutting the wrong limbs can introduce disease
  • Removing  main branches can allow pests to infest the tree
  • Completely topping a tree can cause severe harm to the tree

Gabby’s Tree Topping Services

We provide a full spectrum of services around tree topping:

  • Custom assessment and tree service plan
  • Interior foliage removal
  • Extreme pruning of canopy of tree
  • Winching and pulling limbs from the tree
  • Debris disposal

Tree Topping vs. Tree Pruning vs. Tree Trimming

Tree Topping

Tree topping is an extreme pruning of a tree that leaves as much of the canopy of the tree as possible. While some jobs require that all of a tree's limbs are removed, we prefer to leave as much canopy as possible to ensure the tree's continued health.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a yearly or biannual event that helps a tree produce and grow more effectively. Pruning a tree is different for each tree species - both from when a tree a should be pruned and how it should be pruned.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is similar to pruning but also accounts for external needs, like ensuring the tree doesn't threaten property and is storm ready. A tree trimming service may require more to be cut from a tree than a tree pruning service, but it should be less than a tree topping service.

Common Tree Topping Questions

Is Tree Topping Good For A Tree?

No, tree topping is generally not advised. We try to avoid entirely topping a tree, as it is difficult for the tree to recover and removing so much of a live tree can introduce disease and pests. However, some circumstances require a full tree topping, and we have the tools to ensure this is completed safely and effectively.

What Does Topping A Tree Do?

Tree topping is an extreme reduction in tree size with a focus on leaving as much of the tree behind as possible to ensure it’s future health. Completely removing a tree’s canopy should be avoided if possible, though some circumstances require this technique.

Can Trees Recover From Topping?

Typically, trees will recover from topping. You may see twig-sized branches appear at the cut limb sites, and with patience, these can develop into limbs. However, one major risk with a full tree topping service is weak limb attachment. After removing the main limbs from a tree, although new growth can appear, it may not be as structurally stable as the original growth.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Topping Trees?

It’s always best to prune trees when they are dormant, and typically, that is going to be in the winter time. Dormancy does differ between tree types, though, so contact us for a custom quote and plan to ensure that your tree is being cut at the right time.