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Tree Removal

We Remove Any Size And Type Of Tree

Using a team of experts, we can safely and quickly remove a tree from your property. No matter what kind of tree or how large it is, we'll ensure your tree is removed and no debris is left behind.

Why Work with Gabby’s Tree Service?

We don’t charge for clean up . Debris disposal is included in every service.
Over 20 years of experience serving the Houston area – we’ve seen and done it all.
Professional equipment that makes quick work of the tree removal job safely

Tree Removal Process

Having a tree removed can be a dangerous process if done incorrectly. With over 20 years of experience, our team of arborists will ensure your tree is removed and disposed of safely and efficiently.

Tree removal services include:

  • Dismantling the tree from top to stump
  • Removal of all debris and limbs
  • Mulching the tree

Tree Removal with Stump Grinding

If desired, we can include a tree removal along with stump grinding or stump removal services as needed. Our team of arborists can ensure that no trace of the tree remains and that the area is safe to re-landscape. Trees of all sizes, types, and ages can be removed and have their stump ground.

Common Tree Removal Questions

How Do You Get Rid Of A Large Tree?

The key to getting rid of a large tree is to have a plan in place for how each branch will be dismantled and how to get the limbs to fall in a safe manner. We use ropes, chainsaws, and professional equipment to ensure that trees are dismantled safely and without destroying the property around them.

What Kind Of Trees Can Be Removed?

All tree types can be removed, though some may be more difficult than others due to size, location, and type. Palm trees generally have shallower roots than oaks, for instance. While each tree poses it’s own challenges, we specialize in tree removal and can give a custom quote for your specific need.