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Tree Cutting

Cut Down A Tree Or Trim It Back To A Healthy State

Tree cutting is a necessary part of both storm preparation and helping a tree thrive. Whether you need your tree cut to ensure power lines, fences, and roofs are not threatened in a storm or just want diseased limbs removed, our arborists will ensure your tree is healthy after being cut.

Why Work with Gabby’s Tree Service?

We don’t charge for clean up . Debris disposal is included in every service.
Over 20 years of experience serving the Houston area – we’ve seen and done it all.
Professional equipment that makes safe work of the tree cutting  job safely

Professional Tree Cutting Services

Cutting a tree can be a dangerous DIY job. By using a tree cutting service provider, you can ensure both your health and your tree remain in the best of care. With over 20 years of experience, we've provided tree cutting services thousands of times, and we'll work hard to ensure your tree is cut to your needs and no debris is left.

Gabby’s Tree Cutting Services

We provide the expertise needed to cut any tree safely and with the tree's health preserved.

  • Preparing a tree for hurricane season
  • Removing limbs that threaten property
  • Cutting a tree to ensure safe power lines
  • Removing diseased limbs
  • Tree cutting to improve the look of a yard
  • Pruning and trimming trees to improve tree health

Common Tree Cutting Questions

What Are Tree Cutters Called?

Professionals who work in the tree cutting service are called arborists. The word arborists comes from the latin word for tree, “arbor.” So, an arborist is one who “does or is of” trees.

Can I Cut A Tree Myself?

Many homeowners try to cut a tree themselves, but we recommend bringing in experts to both complete the job safely and quickly clean up after the job. We bring our own limb disposal truck to every job, so we never leave a pile of rotting wood on your lawn. We’re also experts at knowing which limbs to cut and which should stay for the health of the tree.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Large Tree?

Piece by piece. Typically, we start at the top of the tree and work our way down. At the very end of a tree removal service, we can also remove the stump and root ball, allowing you to re-landscape over the area a tree used to be. Getting rid of a tree can be a complicated and long process, but we employ professional grade equipment and dispose of the limbs the same day of service.