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Stump Grind

We've Got The Right Equipment To Grind Any Stump For You.

No tree stump is too large for our arborists to remove. Our equipment is professional grade, and we grind stumps so that no visible part remains. We can also fill in the hole and remove the debris after the stump grind service. For over 20 years, Gabby’s Tree Service has been the trusted specialists when it comes to stump grinding services.

Why Work with Gabby’s Tree Service?

We don’t charge for clean up . Debris disposal is included in every service.
Over 20 years of experience serving the Houston area – we’ve seen and done it all.
Professional equipment that makes quick work of the stump grinding job safely

Stump Grinding Removes Hazards

Many arborists prefer grinding stumps to removing them, since grinding can have less of an impact on the landscape and won’t cause problems with local gas and water lines.

Tree stumps pose many different problems:

  • They can be a hazard for children and others who walk across the yard
  • Tree stumps can be very difficult to mow around
  • They can be unsightly and cause property values to sink
  • Tree stumps can become a home for bees, termites, and other pests
  • They are known to be hosts of tree disease that can easily spread to nearby trees

Gabby’s Stump Grinding & Removal Services

We provide a full spectrum of services around stump grinding:

  • Tree stump chipping
  • Tree stump and root ball removal
  • Dead tree removal
  • Excavating tree stumps
  • Winching/pulling tree stumps from the ground
  • Removing pest infested tree stumps

Stump Grind vs. Stump Removal vs. Chemical Dissolver

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the quickest and safest way to remove an eyesore from your lawn. Grinding a stump with machinery built for the job is almost always an Arborist’s preferred way of removing a dangerous stump from a lawn. Stump grinders can make quick work of a stump and chip the wood away, even down to the root ball, creating a fine mulch.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is the next most popular choice, as it allows you to replant where the tree used to be, though the larger root network will still be intact. Stump removal isn’t offered by all tree service providers, and we’ve been asked to remove stumps that other tree service providers 1Thankssaid were too big. The risk with a stump removal is slightly greater than a stump grind, as gas and water lines may be at risk when digging around a stump.

Chemically Dissolving Stumps

Chemically dissolving a root isn’t typically recommended, as it poses dangers to people, wildlife, and the groundwater it may come into contact with. We recommend going with either a stump grind or stump removal service, and Gabby’s Tree Service has the tools needed to perform each of those options safely, quickly, and cleanly.

Common Stump Grinding Questions

Why Should You Grind A Stump And Not Just Remove A Stump?

Often, grinding a stump is the safest way to ensure you no longer have an unsightly stump that can house pests in your yard. While removing a stump also has benefits, grinding a stump avoids the potential hazard of breaking a water or gas line that completely removing a stump can pose. We use a special stump grinding machine that turns the dead tree stump into a fine mulch, and we remove all visible portions of the stump. This helps both increase the value of your house by improving the curb appeal and decrease the hazard a tree stump poses to a yard.

Is It Better To Remove A Dead Tree Stump Or Grind A Stump With A Wood Chipper?

Both are good options and preferred to having a tree stump in your yard. Each yard and potential for hazards are unique, so we recommend having a consultation before choosing a service. We can evaluate your tree stump and recommend the best service to remove the tree stump from your yard. Stump grinding is the most common option and one we often recommend, but we’re also capable of fully removing the stump, including the root ball.

Is It Cheaper To Remove A Stump Or Arind A Stump?

Typically, it is cheaper to grind a stump, but all yards are unique. If you’re contemplating a tree stump grinding or tree stump removal service, the most common service is a tree stump grind, but we’re available for quick consultations to recommend which option will be the most cost effective for your situation. We’ve served the Houston area for over 20 years and have removed tree stumps of all sizes – no tree stump is too large.

What Happens To The Roots After A Stump Grind?

After a stump grind, it can take up to ten years for the roots of a tree to decay. In the meantime, the area can be reseeded for grass immediately, but landscaping that requires deeper holes may need special equipment to cut through decaying roots.